Our Mession

We are working hard to achieve our Missions..

My Health Medical center uses a multidisciplinary team approach to provide compassionate and comprehensive services to reduce pain, promote coping strategies and improve function and the quality of life. This multidisciplinary approach translates into individually designed treatment programs that best suit patients’ needs.


Our Vision

Great thinkers bring Great Visions

Our vision is to be recognized and represented as the national leader in the interventional pain management, with a commitment to innovative non-surgical/surgical treatment options and to demonstrate positive outcomes for our patients.  My Health realizes that a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way to achieve our goals and creates an individualized pain management treatment plan for each patient that addresses the physical, functional, psychological, and emotional aspects of chronic pain.

Conceptual image of business vision - origami paper boat floating towards a goal line over grey background.

Our Goals

We are there and will continue..

  • Diagnose and treat chronic pain syndromes
  • Reduce pain and increase comfort
  • Increase the ability to manage pain and related medical problems
  • Increase physical capabilities and activities
  • Support the return to productive activity
  • Minimize the use of medications
  • Increase coping, self-care and stress management skills
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Integrating the different medical specialties to help patient to be the best version of themselves.